Your apps on the big screen

Android TV provides a complete TV platform for your app’s big screen experience. Android TV is centered around a simplified home screen experience that allows users to discover content easily, with personalized recommendations and voice search.

With Android TV you can now create big, bold experiences for your app or game content and support interactions with game controllers and other input devices. To help you build cinematic, 10-foot UIs for television, Android provides aleanback UI framework in the v17 support library.

The Android TV Input Framework (TIF) allows TV apps to handle video streams from sources such as HDMI inputs, TV tuners, and IPTV receivers. It also enables live TV search and recommendations via metadata published by the TV Input and includes an HDMI-CEC Control Service to handle multiple devices with a single remote.

The TV Input Framework provides access to a wide variety of live TV input sources and brings them together in a single user interface for users to browse, view, and enjoy content. Building a TV input service for your content can help make your content more accessible on TV devices.

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