Android in the workplace, Screen capturingand sharing, New types of sensors

To enable bring-your-own-device for enterprise environments, a new managed provisioning process creates a secure work profile on the device. In the launcher, apps are shown with a Work badge to indicate that the app and its data are administered inside of the work profile by an IT administrator.

Notifications for both the personal and work profile are visible in a unified view. The data for each profile is always kept separate and secure from each other, including when the same app is used by both profiles.

For company-owned devices, IT administrators can start with a new device and configure it with a device owner. Employers can issue these devices with a device owner app already installed that can configure global device settings.

Screen capturing and sharing

Android 5.0 lets you add screen capturing and screen sharing capabilities to your app.

With user permission, you can capture non-secure video from the display and deliver it over the network if you choose.

New types of sensors

In Android 5.0, a new tilt detector sensor helps improve activity recognition on supported devices, and a heart rate sensor reports the heart rate of the person touching the device.

New interaction composite sensors are now available to detect special interactions such as a wake up gesture, a pick up gesture, and a glance gesture.

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