Chromium WebView + Accessibility & input

Chromium WebView

The initial release for Android 5.0 includes a version of Chromium for WebView based on the Chromium M37 release, adding support for WebRTC, WebAudio, andWebGL.

Chromium M37 also includes native support for all of the Web Componentsspecifications: Custom Elements, Shadow DOM, HTML Imports, and Templates. This means you can use Polymer and its material design elements in a WebView without needing polyfills.

Although WebView has been based on Chromium since Android 4.4, the Chromium layer is now updatable from Google Play.

As new versions of Chromium become available, users can update from Google Play to ensure they get the latest enhancements and bug fixes for WebView, providing the latest web APIs and bug fixes for apps using WebView on Android 5.0 and higher.

Accessibility & input

New accessibility APIs can retrieve detailed information about the properties of windows on the screen that sighted users can interact with and define standard or customized input actions for UI elements.

New Input method editor (IME) APIs enable faster switching to other IMEs directly from the input method.

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