Phantom Jump Update

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The overall purpose of this update was the graphics and layout of the game.
Added our company logo before the main menu screen.
Updated the Main Menu screen.
-Cleaned it up and changed the look
-Created an options screen to access: Music and Sound toggle, High Scores and Credits.
-Removed High scores and Credits from Main Menu. This was moved to the Options Screen.
Updated the level select screen. It has all new graphics!
Updated the music, including the selection choices for the levels.
Updated app icon.
Updated hero.
-He has a whole new look, including a cape and a mask!
-Updated the Hero’s star graphics. Instead of changing colors, he now has color changing sparkles that are centered on him.
-Removed the heroes sword for now.
Fixed some minor issues with touch not working correctly.
Removed the link to the Wiki while that get’s re-worked.
Removed the ads for now.

About the author: Danny Johnson