Phantom Jump – New Innovative Jumper!

Phantom Jump is a new, fun and exciting jumping game. Every level is different every time! The levels are generated randomly! Platforms, platform types, traps, monsters, power-ups are all placed randomly for a unique experience every time!

Incredible Boss Battles! At the end of each world is a sinister boss.

Platforms can move in all kinds of directions: up, down, left and right.

Free expansions!

-New worlds for free!

-No in-game items to buy just to beat a level!

-This version is not a trial, play the whole game for free!

Jump your way to the top through a series of exciting challenges!

Encounter a variety of monsters! A new monster every 4 levels!

Having difficulty with a level? -Make sure to grab the in game power-ups! -Use the in-game help system. -Access the wiki. -Use the in-game tips!

Replay value! With different levels each time, play each level more than once to beat your high scores!

New Monsters appear every 4 levels to keep it challenging as you progress.

Fog effect will help set the mood! As you progress, a fog will creep in to obscure your vision!

About the author: Danny Johnson