Your apps on the big screen

Android TV provides a complete TV platform for your app’s big screen experience. Android TV is centered around a simplified home screen experience that allows users to discover content easily, with personalized recommendations and voice search. With Android TV you can now create big, bold experiences for your app or game content and support interactions […]

Tools for building battery-efficient apps

New job scheduling APIs allow you optimize battery life by deferring jobs for the system to run at a later time or under specified conditions, such as when the device is charging or connected to Wi-Fi. A new dumpsys batterystats command generates battery usage statistics that you can use to understand system-wide power use and […]

Phantom Jump Update

The overall purpose of this update was the graphics and layout of the game. Added our company logo before the main menu screen. Updated the Main Menu screen. -Cleaned it up and changed the look -Created an options screen to access: Music and Sound toggle, High Scores and Credits. -Removed High scores and Credits from […]