About Us

Phantom Workshop is a start-up java software development company. We specialize in crafting Android applications. Our first application, Phantom Jump created using OpenGL, is available on Google Play. Just like the Phantom of the Opera, we work behind the scenes to create something for you and then give you all of the credit! So you won't see us advertising the work we have done, unless the company we work for wants us to.

We want to bewitch people with our apps.

People often judge a book by its cover, but beauty is more than skin deep. Our apps are sleek and artistically crafted that satisfy users on multiple levels. Transitions should fast and clear; layout and typography are simple and easy to navigate. App icons are incredibly important and often can decide an applications fate. When users scroll through the market they will quickly judge whether to download an app by its appearance and the app icon is first step in that process.  Once they get past the app icon, name and description they will look at the app more closely before making a final judgement on download. We draw our users in by making our apps appealing and valuable beyond just the outer beauty, to convince them to keep it installed.

We want to make things easier for our app users.

Regardless of whether it is an app or a game, it should be intuitive and easy to use and understand. When people use our apps for the first time, they should be able to immediately grasp and understand its purpose and how it works. This type of app design doesn't just stop there. Users should have to jump through complex hurtles to use the app. People of all ages and cultures should be able to navigate through the app and never feel frustrated because they can't figure out how to use it. We can accomplish this by streamlining the app and not having too many choices or options, but the right amount that will allow them to accomplish the apps purpose.

We want our apps to do something awesome!

It's not enough to make an app that is simple and easy to use. Apps should should do something awesome in inventive new ways. Most people don't keep multiple applications that all do similar things installed on their device. They keep the one that they find the most useful or fun. Which is why your app should feel powerful, and let them do things they were unable to do before. If you had a choice between 2 identical games, but one of them allowed for your to socialize with your friends... which one would you pick? Most of you would pick the one that allows you to socialize. What about those who don't care, what feature is going to decide which to keep then? That is another place we can help, sometimes the aesthetically pleasing one wins, sometimes the one with the better game play wins. Which is why I needs to be finely crafted on multiple levels.

WordPress and Joomla

We also create WordPress and Joomla websites by request. Which includes the option for monthly support and maintenance contracts.


App creation

Need a smart phone app for your business or have an idea for an app, but need someone to create this for you? We can create it for the Android or for the iPhone. Let us help you bring your idea to life!

Website Building

We will help you through the whole process of getting a domain, getting a Content Management System installed like WordPress or Joomla, and then we will help you get this customized to match your needs.


Need help maintaining your website? We have many different options for monthly support to fit your needs and budget. Starting at only $100 a month!

Contact us today for your free customized quote!